Addictive Vegan Treats at Cinnaholic

The Cookie Monster cinnamon roll at Cinnaholic

Cinnaholic challenges the perception of vegan desserts. The array of options, including 20 frosting flavors and two dozen toppings, ensures that the over-the-top cinnamon rolls are just as decadent and flavorful as those made with milk, eggs and butter.

The star of the menu is indeed the fresh, gooey cinnamon roll, and customers have the option of selecting among the signature rolls or creating their own. The most popular signature roll is the Cookie Monster. Piled high with a massive scoop of edible cookie dough loaded with chocolate chips, the beloved treat is hard to resist. When tasting the silky icing oozing through every cinnamon-painted crack of the fluffy roll, you forget it’s even vegan. 

Vishal Shah is the owner and manager of the Cary Cinnaholic.

“Cinnamon rolls are comfort food, everyone loves them,” said Vishal Shah, the owner and manager of the Cary location.

With over 40 locations of the chain franchise across the U.S. and Canada, the 100 percent vegan bakery is capturing the hearts of vegans and non-vegans everywhere. And more people have access to the classic desserts they are accustomed to. 

Shah says there is an increased awareness of the effects of eating animal products. 

“People are becoming more health-conscious these days, and paying close attention to what they’re putting into their bodies,” he said. “Some people also just have natural-occurring allergies so they refrain from dairy, eggs or lactose, and they decide to go the vegan route.” 

Shah heard about Cinnaholic while visiting his younger brother in Atlanta, and he opened his Cary store in January at Parkside Town Commons.

 “We don’t eat eggs, so it was a good option for us,” he said. “I fell in love with the cinnamon rolls and the concept.” 

Chocolate chip cookies at Cinnaholic

Shah’s late father was a baker, and by opening Cinnaholic, Shah is continuing his legacy.

“It’s become a passion project for me, the fact that it pays homage to my father,” he said. “I grew up around him and the baking industry.”

Although the chain is known for its cinnamon rolls, the menu also features brownies, cookies and cinnamon sticks. Cinnaholic’s chocolate chip cookie boasts a perfect crunch on the outer edge with the coveted chewy interior.

As of now, the Cary location is open for takeout and delivery via Uber Eats, DoorDash and Grubhub. 

“This is ever-changing, we’re adapting as we go on,” Shah said. “We will open dine-in when we feel comfortable that we can effectively serve all of our customers, and I can keep my employees safe during the process.” 

If you’ve grown tired of baking at home, but you’re in the mood for something sweet, Cinnaholic will satisfy those cravings.

1209 Parkside Main St., Cary
(919) 650-1407

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    Exciting! Just a note to writers and editors, why not include the address and/or links for restaurants and locations you’re featuring in the article itself to drive more traffic from your readers? Make it easy for them. 🙂 So my comment is helpful, including the same below.

    Cinnaolic is located at 1209 Parkside Main Street Cary, NC 27519, US. 919-650-1407, Visit them at their website

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