Win an Evening at the Pink House

If you have a story about the Guess-White-Ogle House, you may get a chance to spend a night in the Cary landmark.

Owner Sheila Ogle and writer Mary Insprucker are collaborating on a book about the house, and they are asking the public to share their favorite memories.

“Over the years, this pink lady has served as a community hub, rather than just a personal residence,” said Insprucker. “As welcoming as their front porch, the Ogles have generously borrowed their home out to friends and strangers alike for fundraisers, house walks, tea parties, weddings, and countless other activities.”

Submitted stories will be considered for the book, and they will also be entered into a contest for the best anecdote. The authors of the top two stories will receive a cocktail reception and dinner at the Pink House. The first-place winner gets to spend the night. The contest will run through Nov. 16; send entries (no more than 150 words) to


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