Theatre Raleigh presents ‘Struck’

Rehearsal scenes from "Struck."

Under the direction of Triangle native and Broadway actress Lauren Kennedy, Theatre Raleigh provides local theatre in intimate settings around the Triangle, including at Kennedy Theatre and Cary’s Koka Booth Amphitheatre.

The 2017 summer series by Theatre Raleigh consists of five shows, each with numerous performances. The second of these shows is “Struck,” which is directed by Gina Rattan and runs until July 2.

It’s the story of an ordinary woman named Vera, played by Emily Kron, who is hit by cycling NYU student James (Liam Yates), while crossing an intersection in New York City.


After the accident, Vera feels connected to the young man in some way and goes on an adventure with her husband, Nate (Sid Solomon); her wacky neighbor, Vicky (Melissa MacLeod); and her cousin, Bertrand (Derek Robinson), to find out how the whole situation relates back to the portrait of her grandmother on the wall.

“My mission when I started Theatre Raleigh, my hope, was to accomplish two things: To create new theatre, and work with great, collaborative and fun people,” said artistic director Kennedy. “‘Struck’ is the culmination of both those dreams! This serio-comedy captures a unique tone of sit-com meets political drama.”

Upcoming shows in the series include “Lombardi,” July 19-30; “The Secret Garden,” Aug. 15-20; and “Rock Of Ages,” Sept. 7-10.

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