The August Issue: To You, From Us

Carpool was tough when my kids were young, especially those couple of years when they attended three separate schools. It was boring, and hot when the A/C went out in the ol’ minivan, a frequent occurrence.

But once the kids climbed in, with the thud of bookbags, a trombone case, and often an extra friend in need of a lift, it was magic.

“Guess what we learned in science?”

“I got an A in math!”   

Now that the kids are grown I don’t get those excited daily reports, and I miss them much more than I miss carpool. Learning is awesome, whether it’s ABCs or algebraic formulas, or that trombone part with the weird rhythm to it.

In honor of learning, and in honor of families all over Western Wake who are headed back to school, we’ve packed a lot into the new August issue.

Pick up your copy and meet our Inspiring Teens (they really are!), try some at-home science projects, and read what local teachers love about leading classroom learning.

Braver-than-me editor Emily finds family fun in the form of exotic pets, while I enjoy an outdoor play haven that’s not seen the last of me.

You’ll meet one seriously-inspiring artist in this issue, and a whole bunch of kids diving into high technology.

There's more, but you get the idea. August — with or without carpool — is covered. Hope you find the magic in a new school year, too!

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