Thanks, Dad!

Maybe he tucked you in at night, or taught you how to ride a bike. Maybe he plays the world’s meanest air guitar, or knows how to fix anything, even over the phone.

No matter who means “Dad” is to you, this Sunday, June 16, is Father’s Day, the time to honor his impact on your life. 

We checked in with Jeff Winkler and Brian Ackley, two of Cary Magazine's Most Eligible Bachelors, on what makes their dads so great.

Whether you are a dad, or love a dad, we hope these thoughts inspire you:    

On making memories: 

JEFF: “My junior high school was an hour away from our house; I was on the basketball team and we had morning practices. My dad and I had to be up at 4:30 every morning and he would drive me an hour there and then drove an hour back to work. He never complained once, even one morning when I forgot that practice was canceled. Instead of punishment, I got Cini-minis from Burger King. 

“The best memory I have of myself and my dad is those car rides every morning. We would listen to (motivational speaker) Zig Ziglar, and that is part of the reason that to this day if someone were to ask either of us, ‘How are you doing?’ we answer with, ‘Fantastic!’”

BRIAN: "My best Dad memory is not just one memory for me. It's all the great conversations we came stumbling upon, The 'don't swing so hard' remarks for my golf swing, and steak and macaroni dinners!"

On guidance:

BRIAN: "My father preached that a successful life is made through the decisions we make every day. He tried to instill the proper knowledge and way of doing things right, to be successful. He always allowed me to make my own decisions and I have to say that I didn't always choose the right path!

"Still, he was there to help guide me back onto the correct path. The notion to learn from every decision and event in my life, I'd say is the biggest lesson I have learned from the big guy."

On tough situations:  

JEFF: “My dad always taught me that two of the most important qualities a man can possess are unwavering integrity and a positive attitude. He always exemplified this, and told me that when challenging events happen, to never let that dictate your integrity or your attitude, because those are the only things that you can control in every situation. 

“As a result, anytime something tough or less than ideal happens that is outside of my control, that immediately comes to mind to emulate.”

Thanks, Dad!

JEFF: “Thanks, Dad, for making the personal sacrifices necessary to provide and support Mom and all of us kids. You’re the hardest worker I know, and you were always home in time for dinner and never missed a sporting event.  So, thanks for being a great example of a loving husband and a supportive father.”

BRIAN: "Thanks, Dad, for always being a guide and truly caring for me. Love you!"

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Fun Dad Facts:

• 70.1 million: Estimated number of fathers across the U.S. 

• 7,368: The number of men's clothing stores around the country (in case you need a gift!)

• 15,542: The number of hardware stores (see point 2)

• 21,418: Number of sporting goods stores (see points 1 and 2)

• 189,000: Estimated number of stay-at-home dads in 2012

 – Information from the U.S. Census Bureau,


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