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Our goal here at Cary Magazine is to communicate with you, our awesome readers, on the people, places and events that make up our wonderful community.

We also love hearing from you, but notice that even now, in our 10th anniversary season, the same four questions keep coming up:

  • Where can I find the latest issue?
  • Why aren’t my favorite preschool and nonprofit listed in your directories?
  • Will Cary Magazine help our organization promote an event?
  • How are Maggy Award winners chosen?

We surely don’t want you wandering around confused! So in the spirit of better sharing, here’s a multiple-choice quiz to address your FAQs. 

1. Where can you find the full list of 150-plus Cary Magazine pick-up locations?
A. Inside each issue.
B. Posted on our office doors. 
C. At CaryMagazine.com/Find-Us-Locations. 
D. In your water bill.

2. Of the Cary businesses listed below, which is NOT a Cary Magazine pick-up location? (Check the aforementioned list.)
A. Ashworth Drugs 
C. Sugar Buzz Bakery & Café
D. Lucky Pie Gallery

3. How can Cary Magazine help you promote your local event?
A. Use your secret decoder ring to figure out our system.
B. Yell the info into a bullhorn.
C. Call the cable company.
D. Fill out the event submission form at
     CaryMagazine.com/Social-Calendar, then click Save.

4. What’s required to sign up for Cary Magazine’s weekly e-newsletter?
A. A visit from your first-born child.
B. Type your email address at CaryMagazine.com/email-sign-up.
C. $1 million in Monopoly money.
D. Bake us chocolate-chip cookies.

5. What are the steps for having your local preschool or charitable organization listed in our CaryMagazine.com directories? 
A. Have your CEO send us a singing telegram.
B. Be in operation for at least 75 years.
C. Serve the greater Australia region.
D. Ask! Email editor@carymagazine.com.

6. How are Maggy Award winners selected?
A. Solely by reader votes, via a two-part nomination and voting
     process that kicks off each September.
B. By reading kindergartners’ letters to Santa.
C. Via rock-paper-scissors.
D. A little birdie tells us.

Answers: 1-C, 2-B, 3-D, 4-B, 5-D, 6-A

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