Spreading Spring Cheer

Across town, the community is banding together to bring smiles to residents’ faces. Through teddy bears in windows, Christmas lights on houses and bouquets of flowers in parks, these random acts of kindness are keeping people smiling this season.

People are putting teddy bears and drawings in their windows to spread cheer and create scavenger hunts for neighbors.

“It definitely helps bring a sense of caring and community feeling when you do something that others can enjoy,” said Cary resident Karen Clark Dumers from the Cary Downtown Facebook group. “I love it.”

Now that spring is here and the weather has warmed up, it’s a great time to take a walk or run outside. Cary resident Brian Valyko walks around town to break up his workday at home.

A bouquet of flowers sits on a post by the fountain in Cary Downtown Park.

“I love these flowers,” he said. “The thought that someone puts them up warms my heart.”

Other residents are making art to display on their windows for neighbors to see. You can search for teddy bears on porches or windowsills as you participate in a “bear hunt” – a fun activity that encourages kids to get outside and be active.

“This gives them something to be excited about when they can’t play with the other kids in the neighborhood or see their friends at school,” said Cary resident Bridget Johnson.

“Finding joy in the little things has been a blessing during all this,” she said.


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