She Said Yes

You may have seen pictures of a man on one knee holding a ring at our Elegant Weddings Gala.

He wasn't doing it for dramatic effect. It was a very real proposal, posed to one of the models in the bridal fashion show. And she said YES!

Here's the story straight from the happy couple, Arthur and Mercedes.

Thank you so much for the opportunity to tell our story. We would like to thank Anna from Traditions by anna boutique for allowing me to propose on a night that was meant for her and her designs. Thank you Anna for sharing your spotlight. We would also like to thank the audience for being a part of this very special occasion!

Mercedes once told me there were three things that she wanted if I were to ever propose to her:
1. That it had to be memorable. Mercedes wanted her first real engagement to be a lifetime memory.
2. That she wanted everyone to witness it, whoever they may be.
3. She wanted it to be a total surprise. Mercedes wanted to be completely swept off her feet.

I contacted Michelle, who is Mercedes' best friend to help with the proposal. When I contacted Michelle, the President for Models for Charity, Michelle told me that she could get me backstage to propose. I said to Michelle, “No, I want to propose on the runway. Mercedes will never see it coming.” Michelle contacted Anna from Traditions by anna boutique that the show was for, and Anna gave her blessing. Michelle even went and picked up the ring for me.

When Michelle arrived at the show she gave me the engagement ring and Michelle planned it out so that at the end of the show the models would ask Mercedes to take one more turn down the runway. And the rest was up to me.

On Mercedes' final walk I waited until she walked past me and I got up behind her and got down on one knee with the ring. At first (Mercedes told me later), she thought I was trying to take her picture then it hit her and she realized that I was proposing to her. Her mouth opened and she put her hand up to her mouth and she started crying. I was so happy when she accepted.

Arthur and I have been together for 2 1/2 years, and although we've talked about getting married I was completely caught off guard when he proposed. It was without a doubt the most memorable night of my life, one I will never forget. When Anna asked me to walk the runway one more time, I was confused but didn't think much of it.

When I turned to come off the runway and saw Arthur on one knee I thought he wanted a picture. As I came closer I noticed his grin and realized he wasn't holding a camera. I started crying because I was so surprised and happy. Not only had Arthur included Michelle, Anna and some of the models in on the surprise he also surprised me with my mom who came down from Virginia Beach. We haven’t set a date but I've already started a guest list. This is my first real wedding so I’m excited about planning it.

Thank you again,
Arthur & Mercedes

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