Rustic Woodland Christmas Tree

A Christmas tree is the epitome of bringing the outdoors in, but Sarah Gaither Fleming, Carolina Pottery’s visual merchandiser, doesn’t stop there. Her rustic woodland tree features nature-inspired decorations like eucalyptus, pinecones, grapevine and bird figurines. Fleming used the Winter Woods Snowy Mink Spruce, a flocked artificial tree available at Carolina Pottery, as the base for the design. Flocking, the simulated snow on the branches, adds to the charm and outdoor feel of the design. To balance out the natural elements, Fleming added glittered ferns and snowballs for sparkle.

Trim Your Tree: 

String lights vertically. Instead of circling round and round the trunk, says Fleming, run lights from top to bottom in vertical waves.

More is more. Use repeatingornaments, like the pinecones and ferns here, to create a tree that is full but not overwhelming.

Pick a theme. Decorate multiple trees, each with its own theme, in the most used rooms of your home.

Try on a new skirt. Decorative mesh is this year’s hot item, according to Fleming. Unwind a roll and drape it around the stand for a colorful tree skirt.

DIY: 12 inch Handmade Bow

1. Select a 10-yard bolt of ribbon. From bolt, measure 12 inches of ribbon and fold over.

2. Fold ribbon down 11 more times, all in the same direction, and then cut ribbon off the bolt.

3. Fold gathered ribbon in half, so loops touch at the bottom, to find the center. (not pictured)

4. On the fold, cut paper doll slits on each edge, leaving an inch between the slits. Do not cut all the way through.

5. Wrap florist wire through the slits and twist to tie very tightly.

6. Add tails. Cut a 36-inch piece of ribbon and lay it on the back of the tied wire. Tie wire again over the middle of the new ribbon.

7. Hold bow vertically. From the inside of the looped ribbon, pull one loop out and straight back (away from you). Pull the next loop out and straight toward you. Repeat this step, pullling out all the loops, going back and front from the inside. Turn your bow over and do the same on the other side.

8. Fluff and adjust the loops to achieve your desired look. 

Contact: Sarah Gaither Fleming, Carolina Pottery
(919) 677-3113

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