Rescue Dogs Look for a Home this Holiday Season

A local dog rescue wants to see some happy dogs in their forever home for the holidays. 

Adoptions are at an all-time low for rescues right now, which is vastly different from the past two years. Perfectly Imperfect Pups (PIPs) has some long-term dogs that have been in their foster homes for over 400 days, and they hope they’ll get to spend the holidays with their forever families. 

These dogs have been with the rescue longer than normal through no fault of their own. The state of the dog world is tough right now. A lot of people went back to work post-pandemic and surrendered their adopted dogs. Unfortunately, dog surrenders continue to rise, creating jam-packed shelters. Additionally, fosters are at an all-time low, so there is nowhere for the surrendered dogs to go. Without fosters, PIPs cannot pull surrendered dogs from the shelter. It’s a heartbreaking situation. 

“By adopting a dog from a rescue, you are actually saving two dogs! That foster home is now open for the next dog at the shelter that needs our help. I have never seen the state of rescue this way; it’s tough all around. Adoptions, fostering, and donations are all down. We want to continue our mission, and we can only do so with the public’s help to donate, foster, and adopt,” said Nicole Kincaid, founder and director. 

PIPs is featuring 11 long-term foster dogs, which are all different breeds, sizes, ages and some have special needs! For some reason, they are being overlooked. They have fantastic foster families, which we are all grateful for, but every foster dog deserves a forever home. And what better time than right before the holidays. 

From Nov. 28 to Dec. 17, 2022, PIPs is reducing adoption fees for select long-term foster dogs by $50. Get more details about PIPs’ featured long-term foster dogs, as well as other adoptable dogs looking for their forever homes, at

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