Push the Limit

How far would you go to help a stranger?

David Chandler of Cary knows — he’s busy running across America for the Sky’s the Limit Fund to help youth in crisis. You can help him.

“The plan is to run from Santa Monica, California to the Atlantic Ocean in North Carolina,” said Chandler, 26, in his online blog. “As I run I’ll be pushing a baby stroller with food, water, camping gear and everything I need. I’ll be sleeping in free campsites, hoping to get a shelter and shower from kind strangers, and very rarely a hotel.”

Chandler has been a runner for the past seven years, and says the sport has helped him learn about himself and his capabilities. This cross-country run, at about 2,900 miles, is the ultimate test.

The pay-it-forward aspect of the trip stems from Chandler’s work with at-risk youth at a psychiatric treatment facility and as a field instructor at SUWS of the Carolinas, a wilderness program for teens dealing with behavioral and substance abuse issues. SUWS is short for School of Urban and Wilderness Survival.

The Sky’s the Limit Fund helps provide these therapeutic programs to teens, along with family coaching.

“During my years as a field instructor I saw nature teach students many different lessons in patience, kindness, humility and so much more,” Chandler said. “SUWS of the Carolinas is the most supportive, caring, teaching and empowering place I have ever experienced … This is why I want to work with Sky’s the Limit to be able to raise money to give more kids the opportunity to be a part of such a positive experience.”

Chandler expects to be back in North Carolina by Dec. 23. To follow his journey and donate to the cause, click here.


  • Ray Chandler says:

    Thanks for the great coverage of David venture for a great cause. A minor error is that 2,118 was his total miles as of a few days ago. The Pay It forward site is updated by David every few days for total miles covered. The total for his entire trek, pacific to atlantic is about 2900 miles. He needs as much coverage as he can get to help the fund raising. Your article is awesome!
    Thanks again.

  • David Chandler says:

    You’re welcome to contact me through Facebook or Instagram @dchand30 thank you for sharing my story

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