Photo Essay: Rex Healthcare of Cary

Rex Healthcare has served the Triangle for more than 100 years. Its full-service Raleigh hospital, with more than 650 beds, anchors the Rex family with a 24-hour emergency department, birth center, gym and surgical facilities, among many others.

Fortunately, Cary residents don’t have to venture to the Raleigh campus for a dose of quality care. In August of 1997, Rex Healthcare of Cary opened its doors to provide many of the same services closer to home for thousands of patients each month. Rex Surgery Center of Cary, opened in July of 2003, expanded the local offerings. Additional Cary services include outpatient rehabilitation, Rex Wellness Center of Cary, Rex Express Care urgent care facility, Rex Wound Healing, Rex Occupational Health Services and Rex Pediatrics of Cary.


Dr. Joshua Mitchell, musculoskeletal imaging expert at Raleigh Radiology, examines MRI scans of a shoulder. Raleigh Radiology Cary opened its 4,000-square-foot diagnostic center in November, offering services from general X-ray to fluoroscopy, ultrasound, therapeutic joint injections and bone densitometry.

Rex Healthcare of Cary houses two buildings at the corner of Cary Parkway and Lake Pine Drive. Everything from diagnosis through surgery is performed on-site, totaling about 2,600 patients per month.

Beth Arthur instructs dozens of pumped participants during an Aqua Aerobics class at the on-site Wellness Center. Water Walking, Range-of-Motion Aquatics and even Zumba Aqua are also taught in the Wellness Center’s heated pool, with multiple classes each day.

Tej and Niras Joshi leave Rex Pediatrics after an appointment with Dr. Souad Andrawes. Patient artwork adorns the office, much of which is produced by children awaiting their appointments.

A group of former servicemen, Bill Squire, Jim Barry, Jim Haslam, James Pinnix and Harold Overton enjoy exercising while socializing. Most are now Rex cardiac patients, and they regularly meet for workouts followed by lunch. “We’re in training for the senior games,” Barry joked.

The 16.76-acre campus is accented by a scenic lake.

Dr. Sameh Toma, an ob-gyn, is one of about 40 surgeons regularly scheduled at the Rex Surgery Center of Cary. The facility, which opened in 2003, performs outpatient procedures in gynecology, plastic surgery, ENT, orthopedics and other general services. The most common procedure is the placement of ear tubes.

The Cary Wellness Center, which offers an array of classes along with equipment and assessment tools, boasts 15,000 visits per month. April Parker leads a low impact aerobics class designed to accommodate people of all fi tness levels.

Dr. Thomas Flaherty examines Mason Nemeth and Shienne and Alexandra Staab at Rex Pediatrics of Cary. The practice welcomes all children from birth through age 21, with four staff pediatricians including Dr. Souad Andrawes, Dr. Alan Bell and Dr. Sara Ryan.

Lisa Evans performs a diagnostic CT angiography scan on a patient. CT angiography uses contrast dye to examine blood vessels.

The on-site lab at Rex Healthcare of Cary handles the majority of laboratory services for the hospital’s 2,600 monthly patients. Diagnostics include rapid flu and strep tests, metabolic chemistry studies, blood cell counts and urine studies.

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