Photo Essay: Lenovo

Computer industry giant Lenovo doesn’t follow a traditional headquarters model. Instead, the company focuses on “centers of excellence around the world” to keep in touch with the maximum number of customers, according to the corporate website.

Cary Business visited Lenovo’s Morrisville operations center for an inside peek at the local happenings that contribute to the success of the global giant. From the full product showcase available to corporations looking to purchase a large number of computers to the on-site gym and fully loaded cafeteria to keep employees happy, here’s a look inside.

Clients visiting the product showcase can try out all Lenovo products, including items not available in the United States. IdeaPad laptops and IdeaCentre desktops are consumerbrand computers, whereas ThinkPad and ThinkCentre are business counterparts.

The “For Those Who Do” advertising campaign focuses on the people behind the businesses that use the machines.


Design Manager Rebecca Welles, left, works out twice a week during her lunch break at the on-site gym. “This is my favorite part,” she said of working for the company.


An illuminated time line shows a visual progression of the company’s achievements and accolades, from its roots with a then-state-of-the-art selection of computers in the 1980s to today.


Amanda Thorne assembles cooked-to-order selections at the cafeteria. Employees can also partake in made-to-order sushi rolls and a variety of other gourmet selections.


The zigzag path between buildings on the Morrisville campus pays homage to the company’s Chinese roots, Fair said. “You’re not supposed to take the direct path. You’re supposed to take your time and contemplate.”


Lenovo is dedicated to green pursuits like recycling and composting, and employees have the option to use reusable lunch trays rather than disposable paper or plastic products.

Seating areas and lounge spots like semi-private egg chairs are sprinkled throughout the buildings, giving those who think best away from their desks a place to relax.


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