Packing 101

It’s one of the most dreaded tasks for any family making a move. Packing can literally be the difference between a happy or miserable relocation. Avoid the stress with a few simple steps.

According to Alexis DeAngelis, of Alexia Pack & Move in Cary, relocators should schedule a moving company at least two weeks in advance.

“The biggest mistake people make is waiting till the last minute,” she said. “They end up not getting the best service and quality because all the other companies are full, so they have to settle for the only company that can fit them in.”

Two weeks is enough time to research different moving companies to see which one fits a family financially, and it gives homeowners enough time to pack.

“Take it one room at a time. Pack the things you use least often first and the things you use daily last,” she said, having 11 years of experience moving families into their dream homes.

To avoid hassles when you unpack, it’s important not to combine rooms. Pack as much as you can into each box to protect the items from moving around and getting damaged. But be careful not to overpack. Reinforce the bottom of every box with extra tape so it’s evenly supported.

“I always lived by the motto that if I can’t pick it up, it’s too heavy!” DeAngelis said. “It’s so easy to cram things in a box when you’re in a hurry, but that just leaves room for damage to your items.”

The solution: Pack heavy items in smaller boxes so the weight is manageable.

Furniture with drawers are some of the heaviest pieces to be moved. If you’re making the move on your own, remove contents from the drawers to make them easier to move. If you’re hiring a moving company, check with its policy.

“Most professional moving companies don’t require that you empty your dresser drawers, but it is good to ask just in case, because if you don’t have to, it will save you the time and effort,” she added.

As for the lighter items like pillows and linens, don’t pack them in boxes. DeAngelis said packing them in trash bags works just fine.

Valuable jewelry and electronics should be packed separately and not combined with other items.

“It’s best to put electronics in their original boxes if they are still around,” DeAngelis said. “Make sure to detach all wires and cables as well.”

Breakables and dishware have a better chance of surviving a move if every piece is wrapped in either bubble wrap or multiple pieces of packing paper. DeAngelis recommends using towels and pot holders for good cushioning in between plates and glasses. Labeling boxes with a brief description of the inventory will save you time and trouble when it’s time to unpack.

When the move is complete, DeAngelis recommends doing a final check of the the moving truck to make sure nothing vital is left behind.

“Whether it be a cable that fell out of a drawer or a screw that’s vital to making sure your bed is completely put together, I require all of my customers to do an after job search of the truck,” she said.

Most importantly, DeAngelis encourages homeowners to share their concerns and ask a mover questions.

“If you don’t like the way the movers are handling your items or loading them in the truck, feel free to voice your opinion, because most of the time they know best, but in the end it’s your belongings and valuables.”

For more information on moving or for a free estimate, contact Alexia Pack & Move at (919) 601-8475.


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