New Year, New You

Find a friend with similar fitness goals to keep exercise fun. You'll help each other stay motivated as well.

Will you be making New Year’s resolutions? Most of us do, and these common goals are popular every year: to exercise more, get organized, spend more time with family and save more money.

While roughly 60 percent of us make resolutions, only eight percent of us are successful in sticking with those goals. So, how do you get that “New Year, New You” feeling to last past Jan. 1? We’ve compiled a list of our favorite ways to not only start 2020 off right, but to keep it going all year long.

  1. Write down your plans. By writing down your goals, you give yourself a head start to holding yourself accountable for them.
  2. Find a workout buddy. If you can relate to the saying “there’s nothing longer than a treadmill minute,” this tip can help. Grab a friend or family member who has a similar goal and get moving.
  3. Don’t be afraid to throw stuff away. We aren’t asking you to go through your entire house using the Marie Kondo method, but it doesn’t hurt to do some pre-spring cleaning. If you haven’t touched something in a year, you can definitely live without it. Just ask the dust on that box sitting in the corner of your closet. Your local thrift store or nonprofit may need the contents of that box more than you do.
  4. Curb screen time. Save the screen time for working hours or a family movie night. Set technology limits for you and your kids, so you won’t miss out on memories that will last longer than a Snapchat message. We promise your phone won’t miss you checking Facebook 25 times a day.
  5. Consider updating your finances. Did you receive a bonus or raise this holiday season? Save money by putting the bonus in the bank, or bumping up the percentage of each paycheck added to your 401(k). If you aren’t already contributing to a retirement account, the best way to start is by automating small, regular contributions.
  6. Track your progress. While you don’t have to post before-and-after photos on social media, it does help to track your progress for your personal use. Take time to celebrate each small goal you’ve set and achieved.
  7. Think long-term. We are all struggling to get back into the swing of things this month, so be easy on yourself. You can’t lose 50 pounds overnight. You won’t have a huge 401(k) after putting away five percent of your salary for a year. The most important thing is to be determined to reach your goals in the end — even if you splurge on a slice of cake or new pair of shoes once in a while.

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