New For You to Try

Happy New Year! This is the time we make promises to ourselves and others, to be healthier, happier and just all-around better people.

So how long do your resolutions usually last, before good intentions cave to the ol’ comfort zones?

In the Triangle East section of the newest issue of Cary Magazine, we present three local ladies who offer living-it advice on making good intentions last. While you can read about their lives and successes in print, here are five ideas to help us all make 2013 the year we try something new.

Punch It Up

“I’ve learned the hard way that staying in your comfort zone doesn’t serve you in the long run,” said competitive master boxer Lisa Creech Bledsoe of Garner.

“Growing means learning to take risks and navigate new challenges. Trying new things builds courage, opens the path to discipline, nourishes your soul, and introduces you to new skills, mentors and communities.Learning to box taught me to how to name, fight for and win the life I had always longed for.”

Not ready for boxing? No problem! Here are five try-something-different ideas:

1. Cook: Local chef Elise Johnson offers online cooking classes for everything from Mediterranean pizza to Coq au Vin via her website, And her own overcoming-obstacles story will inspire you.

2. Turn the page: Join a book club day or night at the Southeast Regional Library in Garner, such as Sweet Nuggets of Inspiration, or the WhoDunIts. Visit for info.

3. Learn! Try a continuing ed class at Wake Tech, with options like auto maintenance, welding or cake decorating.

4. Get involved: Email for details on joining the efforts to boost Garner’s arts economy, via the Artists and Creative Professionals Network.

5. Belly up: Move those hips and go belly dancing! Lessons are offered through the Garner Parks department. See the full brochure of activities available for kids and adults by clicking the Parks link at

Look for more better-you tips in the January issue of Cary Magazine, available now in Garner and surrounding areas. For a full listing of rack locations, see

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