Mr. & Mrs.

At the 10-year mark, Cary Magazine’s first bride & groom are still best friends.

TIME FLIES when you’re having fun.

Ten years ago, Todd and Courtney Oakley were featured in the very first issue of Cary Magazine, as newlyweds, complete with the lace-and-flower details of their recent

In honor of our 10th anniversary — and theirs — we looked them up to see if life has changed as much for them as it has here at the magazine. The answer is yes!

Cary Magazine: What are your wedding- day memories?

Courtney: We were married at Caspar Park in Raleigh, in a gazebo. I remember the sun came out right when it was time for the ceremony. I still think of it as a fun, easygoing, happy wedding.

CM: Catch us up on your family today.

Courtney: We have two children now, Lena, 5, and Hawkins, 3. On our 10th anniversary we watched our wedding video with them, and they couldn’t understand why they weren’t in it!

We have dance parties with the kids in the living room, and we love to play outside; they help with the garden. We watch N.C. State sports, and the Chicago Bears on Sundays. They love Bears day — they wear their shirts and we make it fun, with lots of snacks!

CM: Things have changed in your professional lives, too.

Courtney: I’m office manager for the dental practice of Dr. Edward Bailey in Morrisville.

Todd: I’m owner and executive chef at the Lake Boone Trail location of Village Deli, which opened in August 2013. I’ve worked at Village Deli for 12 years, including as a dishwasher while I was in culinary school.

Fun note: Todd’s chef status doesn’t deter little Lena, who questions his choice of pasta shape in her dinner of blue crab-bacon mac and cheese!

CM: What’s made your marriage work for 10 years and counting?

Todd: We share responsibilities straight down the line. The first one home starts dinner, or Courtney doesn’t mind mowing the lawn.

Courtney: We like similar things, like sports, and we have a passion for food. The biggest part is that we’re each other’s best friend. If I had a free hour to do something, I’d rather spend it with him than anybody else.

CM: What’s next for the Oakleys?

Todd: Paying for college!

Courtney: Saving up for a riding lawn mower!

CM: But seriously …

Todd: Watching the kids grow up, maybe taking them to Disney World.

Courtney: Yes, the kids growing, and the restaurant becoming even more successful.

CM: What’s the best thing you’ve learned about each other?

Courtney: That’s easy! He is the best father; he’s fantastic. He plays with the kids, listens to them. He enjoys them. And he takes care of us.

Todd: She can throw a football really well! But seriously, that she’s a loving, caring mother, and has been to all of us over these past 10 years — family, friends, neighbors, anyone who comes into the house.

Courtney: I met Todd when I was 19, on his 21st birthday. The years have gone by so fast! But all in a really good way.

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