Mom! I Can’t Find My Lunch Box

Kids back in school? That’s the case for many Wake County families, and with school comes paperwork, book bags and a bigger-than-ever need for organization.

And some of us need help.

To save the (school) days, one local business offers its own clutter-busting tips for parents, from the time kids wake up until they hit the doorway looking for afterschool snacks.

Read on:

Doorway Drop: If your coat closet isn’t near the door your child enters, chances are he won’t use it. So, set up a simple station at the most-used door and encourage kids to put things away as soon as they get home.

Be sure to include hooks for jackets, a basket or bin for shoes, a hook or cubby for book bags, and an inbox for any papers you’re supposed to see or sign.

Fridge Focus: Between packing lunches and afterschool snacks, it’s easy for the fridge and pantry to fill up. Designate a space or shelf for kid-food supplies to help you get out the door faster in the mornings. Who knows? It may even inspire your kids to prepare their own lunches!

Art On Display: You love their artwork, but it can pile up. To keep kid art from overtaking your refrigerator, ask your child to select one work to be featured at any given time. Or, designate a bin big enough for multi-dimensional projects and limit the storage to 10 per child: one piece in, one piece out.

Home Office Overhaul: If your home office is a catch-all for paperwork and files, organize by clearing your bulletin board of anything dated and getting rid of old paperwork in your family files.

Make sure each family member has a folder with his or her important documentation like birth certificate, Social Security card, passport, and medical and vaccination records. Bonus points for storing these in a fireproof safe!

Wardrobe Updates: Make sure closets and dressers are well-organized and updated with any new sizes or items your child might need for fall, as in warmer pajamas or socks.

—Information courtesy of Merry Maids of Wake County

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