Meet Sean Ryan

Sean Ryan

Crosstown Pub

An introduction: I am the owner and general manager at Crosstown Pub. As of December, my role has also included getting our new sister-restaurant, Daybreak, up and running. We’re excited to bring a good breakfast place into downtown Cary.

Inspiration: Getting to interact with our staff and customers on a daily basis is big for me. We have a strong core group of regulars who keep us motivated to maintain a fun and inviting atmosphere.

Professional highlight: I take huge pride in having been awarded Best Neighborhood Bar multiple times since we opened our doors in 2015. It means a lot to me — and to our entire team — that our community appreciates the work and effort that we put into running the restaurant.

Biggest risk: I would have to say opening Crosstown Pub in downtown Cary before the “big boom.” We were one of the first new establishments to open downtown in 2015, and believe it or not, people told us we were crazy for choosing it for our new location at the time.

Core values: I am very family-oriented and have the pleasure of working alongside my mom Sheila at Crosstown on a daily basis. My brother Brendan has recently joined us in the family business with Daybreak.

Anyone that has worked with family knows it’s not all rainbows and butterflies, but I wouldn’t want it any other way. Our staff mean the world to us, and we treat them like family.

Greatest challenge: I’d have to say time management between day-to-day operations at Crosstown, construction at Daybreak, and my personal life. It can be difficult to find a balance between the three.

Fun fact: I played four years of college lacrosse, and I am a huge Carolina Hurricanes fan.

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