Meet Nelson R. Amador

Nelson R. Amador

De La Finca Coffee Importers/Five Star Coffee Roasters

An introduction: De La Finca specializes in sourcing, importing, and distribution of green coffee in the U.S. We import coffee from different countries with the goal of establishing a direct connection with U.S. consumers and coffee producers of the regions we source coffee from. I am the founder, coffee hunter and sales manager.

Inspiration: The ability to create an impact in the communities where the coffee is sourced from. Also, the ability to offer roasters of all sizes a place where they can buy any quantity of coffee locally.

Biggest risk: Starting a coffee-importing business and a coffee warehouse without the proper finances and logistics. Many people did not think it would be possible.

How is your work aligned with your core values? We source only ethically grown coffee with environmental agriculture practices. We do business with roasters that share the same values and care for the coffee communities we work with.

Greatest challenge: To establish a business relationship with coffee roasters that had been buying coffee for many years from traditional coffee traders, persuading them to give us an opportunity to work together, and earning their trust. I have been patient, persistent and innovative to build trust for them to work with a small company like De La Finca.

On success: No matter how successful you are, always stay humble.

Strange but true: I am terrible at making my own coffee.

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