Meet Lindsey Kaplowitz

Lindsey Kaplowitz

Starpath Dance Academy

An introduction: Starpath Dance Academy is a family-oriented dance studio that offers classes for dancers ages 2 through adult in a wide variety of styles including tap, ballet, jazz, hip hop, lyrical, musical theater and contemporary. Our focus is on student development for all ages, not only in dance but also in personal growth — leadership, self-confidence and community involvement.

Inspiration: First, watching children grow in confidence as dancers and as individuals while engaged in something that brings them immense joy — there is truly nothing better! Second, the people I get to work with every day. Our amazing teachers and staff, my mom who is also co-founder, and the incredible dance families inspire me and make our community tight-knit!

Biggest risk: Other than leaving a secure job and opening our first location, we are now in the process of opening a larger, second location this August. There are always risks associated with expansion, but I am confident in our staff and the need for our programs in the area.

I am also excited to be implementing new programs that I’ve been developing over the years based on children’s needs outside of typical dance programs. In our Professor Pirouette program, we teach academics through dance. I am looking forward to expanding our business and serving a broader community while increasing our staff of talented teachers.

Core values: I believe that children should be safe, comfortable and happy, first and foremost, in order for them to find joy and success in the activities they choose. I also believe that they should be children.

This means at Starpath, we ensure our students can be themselves and encourage them to be kind to each other in order to foster an environment that allows everyone to thrive. All of our costumes are age-appropriate and the content of the songs we use is positive. I always keep my own young children in mind and what I would want for them!

Greatest challenge: Currently the biggest challenge is being innovative while facing this pandemic and the obstacles that have come from not being able to physically be with our students in the studio.

We are hosting all of our regularly scheduled classes virtually at their normal times, and have additional live virtual events each week, and a video library for our young students. While the pandemic has created challenges, it also has been an opportunity to strengthen our community and explore new teaching tools.

On success: Everyone has their own definition of success, and success takes sacrifice. When you are able to balance success and the sacrifices that come along with it, that’s where you can find true joy. I’ve also learned that staying true to core values, learning from constructive criticism and staying positive go a long way!

Fun fact: Throughout high school, I traveled with a competitive marching band and orchestra – we even toured throughout Europe and performed in Hawaii.


  • Maria Kaplowitz says:

    Hi Lindsey. Amazing piece. Didn’t know you were in a marching band touring in Europe and also performed in Hawaii. Also, you look so beautiful . 😘

  • MaryAnn Ctapano says:

    LIndsey. I am so happy to see this. You are a beautiful girl and I know a wonderful teacher. I hope we can get there so I can see you all and the children. I heard the new studio is so beautiful. Hope you are all well and kiss Miles and Makayle.

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