Meet Dr. Brian Coan

Dr. Brian Coan

CARE Plastic Surgery

Inspiration: To our patients, the smallest change can have the biggest impact. Patients come to CARE for both small and large changes. To them the importance is always huge, and we do our best to delight each and every one. What continues to amaze and inspire me is how each person’s transformation, however inconsequential other people may think of them, can be truly life-changing and have profound effects.

Professional highlight: I am proud that during one of the most stressful times in modern history we kept our staff together and worked passionately to pivot our predominantly cosmetically-focused services to treat urgent care needs like cuts, wounds and lacerations. We called ourselves Stitch Me Up With CARE and remained open and fully staffed through COVID-19.

Biggest risk: Being an engineer, general surgeon, and plastic surgeon mean that my nature is not one for risk-taking. After graduating from Duke Plastic Surgery in 2008, I was offered great jobs at highly respected practices, yet in my heart I knew the ideal practice for me didn’t exist, and I would have to build it myself. It felt extremely risky starting a solo practice from scratch during a down economy. It is hard to call things risky when in retrospect they worked out for the better, but I had no instruction manual.

Keeping our office fully staffed felt like a tremendous risk emotionally, financially, mentally and so many other ways. But our work-family are so pleased to be working through the challenges we are all facing together.

Core values: Our team is special. We are all interested in self- improvement. We all look out for each other, our patients, and hold each other accountable. We inspire one another to improve in small and large ways every day. That permeates into patient care without requiring any intention. The CARE staff are wonderful people, and they make me a better person each day for working with them.

On success: Success isn’t a destination. Being more grateful and happy in the moment is one of the best lessons I am practicing.

Fun fact: My two side interests are space memorabilia and whisky collecting. I’m a space nerd and love to collect and learn about the astounding accomplishments and discoveries of our space age.

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