Meet Colin Fegeley

Colin Fegeley

Green Level High School

An introduction: I am the Athletic Director at Green Level High School. During the 2019-2020 school year, I also served as the yearbook advisor. There is certainly never a dull moment on campus!

Inspiration: I tell our students all the time how much I enjoy living vicariously through them. I tend to get very attached to our teams. Like our student athletes, I am very competitive and enjoy celebrating all of their successes with them. High school athletics have the power to teach incredible life lessons through both victory and defeat. I love being a part of it.

Biggest risk: Leaving a very successful athletic program at Green Hope High School to open a new school has been my greatest professional risk to date. While I was confident in my abilities to start a new program, I was certainly nervous about not meeting the high expectations I have set for myself. I am very proud of everything our student athletes and programs have accomplished in such a short time.

Core values: The well-being and happiness of our student athletes is my primary focus. I focus my energy on creating a collegiate-style atmosphere for our student athletes. I want them to have the best of everything and enjoy every moment of their high school athletic careers.

Greatest challenge: Opening a new school and building a new athletic program from the ground up has certainly been the biggest (and most rewarding) challenge of my career. I have enjoyed every minute of the growing process, and I am hopeful that we will lay a great foundation for the future students of Green Level High School.

On success: I am only as successful as the people around me. I am fortunate to work with an incredibly supportive administration led by our Principal Karen Summers and some of the best high school coaches in North Carolina.

Fun fact: My wife and I (and now our young boys) love to travel. Together, we’ve visited 39 countries. We always seem to be planning our next trip!

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  • Donald & Sandra Kelley says:

    WOW Colin !! It is wonderful to have a grandson who is as caring and talened as you are. We wish you all the best with the athletic program at your new school. Love Mommom & Poppop

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