Have a Cookie

Thin Mints, Shortbread Trefoils and Peanut Butter Tagalongs — Girl Scout cookie time starts this weekend!

In keeping with our high-tech world, Girl Scouts are now using the Digital Cookie mobile app to take in-person cookie orders, allowing for credit card processing and direct shipping. Cookie-loving customers can also buy from a cookie website.   

“We are proud to be utilizing the Digital Cookie sales platform for the second year, and we are excited to be championing all of the vital 21st-century skills girls are learning through this unique program,” said Lisa Jones, CEO of Girl Scouts–North Carolina Coastal Pines.

“This platforms allow us to grow our financial literacy program while remaining true to the core principles taught by our iconic cookie program. Digital Cookie 2.0 expands the tools available to girls to set and monitor their goals, interact with customers and most of all, to succeed.”

The mobile application, launched last year, helps Girl Scouts learn skills in online money management, m-commerce and goal tracking, among others. Digital Cookie 2.0 represents a continuing evolution toward one fully immersive online experience that will be available to all Girl Scout councils in 2017.

As with the traditional cookie program, the net revenue earned from the cookie sale remains with the local Girl Scout council sponsoring the sale. Girls decide how to spend their troop cookie money and reinvest it back into their neighborhoods through community service projects and learning experiences.

Girl Scouts–North Carolina Coastal Pines will begin using the platform at the start of its cookie-selling season on Jan. 16.

For information about 2016 cookie season, visit nccoastalpines.org.

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