Go Snowflaky

Written by Jennifer Baron

Sometimes you just have to get out of the house. While we can usually (but not always) count on cold temperatures this time of year, snow can prove somewhat elusive in these parts. But that doesn’t mean you can’t go a little snowflaky. If Mother Nature doesn’t provide a snow day, you can order one up yourself with Snow My Yard. The president of Greater Raleigh Refrigeration and Ice, Brian Turner, began the snow making service several years ago to offset the winter slowdown in ice sales.

We can take ice and make snow anytime and pretty much anywhere,” explained Turner. We’ve done it when it’s as hot as 105 degrees.”

In fact, the last several years, Snow My Yard has put snow down in the parking lot of the RBC Center with sledding ramps for the Carolina Hurricanes Summer Fun Fest. Rain is about the only element that can ruin a good snow day.

Turner’s ice delivery truck can pull up to your house and a special ice chipping machine is used to pulverize the ice into tiny bits, blowing tons of snow onto your yard and creating a winter wonderland perfect for sledding, snowman (or angel) making and snowball fights.

Oftentimes a group of neighbors will pitch in to create a snow day. One Holly Springs neighborhood used Snow My Yard to give its cul-de-sac’s New Year’s Eve party some extra oomph, and it was a huge hit.

“Usually the bigger kids have more fun, and by bigger kids I mean the adults,” chuckled Turner. It seems they just love the sight of it. It just brings back memories of them playing in the snow and they don’t have to get bundled up to play in it.”

You can test it out on Dec. 4 when Snow My Yard and the Town of Cary offer a day of sledding at Bond Park.

Cabin fever … begone!

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