Go Green – with Greenways

“Research shows that increased physical activity has numerous benefits, and one of the best qualities of Cary is that there is never a park, greenway, sidewalk or community center far from your neighborhood,” said Sam Trogdon, Bond Park Community Center Supervisor.

Boy, is he right.

Cary’s network of more than 30-plus greenways, comprising more than 60 miles of trails, are all open from dawn to dusk for the enjoyment of residents and visitors. The town maintains an online resource that includes maps and distances for each trail.

Parks — 29 of them — offer everything from athletic fields to picnic accommodations to skate ramps. Dogs even have their own place to run and play.

To introduce some of the greenways and parks, Fit & Able will host a series of free Running & Walking Skills Clinics on Sundays from April 7 to. May 5.

Fit & Able advocates the benefits of exercise, including betterself-esteem, greater physical skills and coordination, stronger bodies, healthy weight, reduced health risks due to sedentary lifestyles, improved sleep habits, and more fun in daily living.

The clinics require a registration by the first session. All clinics begin at 2 p.m. Register online at http://classweb.townofcary.org with class code 6868I. For more information, email fitandable@nc.rr.com or call (919) 462-3970.

Participants receive locations and program itinerary upon registration. Attending every session is not required.

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