From Our Families to Yours

In this issue, we went Home for the Holidays with some local restaurant chefs. Learn what their five-star palates prepare for their family holiday feasts, and incorporate some of their recipes into your own spread.

We’re also sharing some of our own tasty traditions.

Apple Cranberry Casserole, Emily Uhland

My family serves this twist on cranberry sauce as a side item, but it’d be great as a dessert too. You can adjust the amount of sugar to taste, depending on how sweet you want the dish to be. I’ve cut the amount from my mom’s version in half already!

Secret Steamed Cabbage, Tara Croft

I learned this recipe from my Aunt June when I was in middle school. It’s so simple, yet the whole family requests it every year because “cabbage actually tastes good.” The white pepper makes the dish. Don’t try to substitute black pepper!

We wish you a happy and delicious holiday season!

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