Fido’s Last Chance for Fame

FACT: Cary Magazine readers love contests.

FACT: Cary Magazine readers love their pets.


It’s the Cary Magazine World’s Greatest Pet in the World contest! And the deadline for entries is NOW!

Don’t worry — it’s so easy that Fluffy and Fido can almost enter themselves.

Step 1: We want to meet your beloved pet! Click here to tell us what makes your pet the best, most unique animal around.

Step 2: Attach a photo of said pet.

That’s it!

The Cary Magazine team will paw — er, we mean pore — over the entries to choose the best stories and photos, then create a special feature in our next issue, complete with pet portraits.

The results? Fluffy fame, Rover recognition, and a chance for your hamster to ham it up.

Your pet will love you extra-forever and in his gratitude, who knows? He may even pledge to stop digging!  

Send that photo and your pet’s story by next Tuesday, June 18, to

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