Festive Topiaries

Spiral Swagger
This sun-loving ligustrum is easy to grow and decorate with a holiday swag, bows and floral picks. Schonleber suggests keeping it simple with just a few eye-catching bold pieces like a big polka dotted bow. Trim this topiary during its growing months in the summer and spring to help it keep its shape, suggested Schonleber. This ligustrum is five feet and cost around $448. Smaller varieties are available. Rosemary also make great topiaries and requires full sun, Schonleber added.

Ivy Envy
Inspired by the holiday decorations that adorn The Biltmore in Asheville, Schonleber chose this ivy topiary set in a cast-iron pot with sprigs of holly, berries, pine and artificial fruit picks. Add a nice bow for embellishment, and don’t forget the partridge. Make sure this ivy plant gets partial light and protection from a covered porch when the winter nights get really cold. This topiary could also work inside the home with accents that coordinate with the interior décor, Schonleber added.

Whimsical Welcome
Get playful with wispy accents that are versatile and in style year-round. Create this nontraditional holiday look by adding five to six picks like the butterflies and berries. Take two strips of wire ribbon and tie them under the top ivy ball and twist in a cascading fashion. Schonleber recommends novice decorators start with a plastic ball and a bow and add from there. Garden Supply Co. has a large variety of ivy topiaries from small to large that vary in price.

Bold & Beautiful
A wax leaf privet stands proudly with a big bow made with four different styles of ribbon. Schonleber said Garden Supply Co. sells ribbon and can customize a bow for customers on-site for a small fee. A big bow and a few red plastic ornaments tied with green floral wire is all you need to make a festive display. Place the topiary in a square fiberglass pot, fill it with two ivy and two begonias and fill in any open spots with Spanish moss for a complete look. This privet costs $118, and Schonleber recommends a $24 sky pencil holly as a great alternative.

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