Experience the Magic of Bubbles at Artsplosure

Artsplosure, Raleigh’s longest running arts festival, is returning on May 21-22! Visitors are free to explore the eclectic art market, live music performances, free arts and crafts at Kidsplosure, and one-of-a-kind art installations throughout downtown. 

This year, residents will be able to experience Atelier Sisu’s “Evanescent Bubbles,” perfect for art and architecture lovers, alike (or anyone who is looking for the perfect Instagram photo op)! Atelier Sisu, an art studio based in Sydney, Australia, is led by Peruvian sculptor and industrial designer Renzo B. Larriviere and spatial architect and artist Zara Pasfield.

Made with a material that breaks the sunlight up into a rainbow of different colors, these larger-than-life iridescent installations are meant to emulate the magic of bubbles that we all experienced in childhood — and encourage the audience to consider the world as transient and fragile.

“This is Evanescent’s American debut, which is too cool! To see our city’s name alongside previous hosts like Sydney, Lithuania, Greece, and Taiwan makes me proud to call Raleigh home,” said Cameron Laws, Artsplosure’s program director. “We’re a city that values art, and our festival values bringing internationally acclaimed, high-quality art to the public with no cost barrier. After the last two years all of us have had, I think we are all looking for reasons to come together and experience a sense of wonder. I think this installation will inspire that.” 

Laws hopes that this year’s installations will be a celebration of creativity, inspiration, and community healing through artistic expression. Artsplosure is completely free, so everyone can enjoy a diversity of experiences — from international art to live, local performances. 

Outside of our installations, we have a phenomenal juried art market of nearly 200 makers from all over the country and two days of dynamic performances on our main stage from local favorites like Country Soul Songbook with Rissi Palmer and Kym Register and rising stars like Indigo De Souza — not to mention Abraham Alexander, SUSTO, Joslyn & The Sweet Compression, and tons more. There is just so much to see and do at Artsplosure, and we can guarantee that you’ll leave with a memorable experience,” said Laws. 


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