Drop Everything: The can’t-miss event of the season

You won’t have to get up early, or fight traffic. You can gather your friends for brunch, or lunch. And everything you see will be handmade, by local artists.

THIS is the largest Locally Made Market to date, and it happens on Sunday at The Mayton Inn in downtown Cary.

“There’s incredible talent in our community and Locally Made Market has made it possible to see so much of it all in one place,” said potter and market vendor Todd Crouse of Cary. “I’m amazed to see the range of craft options, beautiful displays and remarkable craftsmanship.

“The artists are also approachable,” he said. “All of us love to meet patrons, discuss our art, and share our passion for our crafts. I love this market!”

Jewelry artist Ashley Reynolds, founder of Twiggyroad Designs, agrees: “Locally Made Market does something very different from other markets in that they support Cary in a way I have never experienced,” she said. “It’s definitely opening up a new demographic for myself and other artists.”

Crouse and Reynolds are among dozens of artisans who will share their wares at the market on Sunday.

“What sets my pieces apart is the process and materials I use to make them,” said Reynolds. “First, I paint artwork on large pieces of poplar wood. Once I’m happy with the look of the art, I cut my pendants and earrings from the art. I never know what I’m going to end up with; every piece is totally unique.”

Crouse founded Todd Crouse Pottery after retiring from a career in commercial real estate finance, but he’s been throwing pots since he took a high school class in the early 1980s.

“I primarily create pottery that can be used and enjoyed, not simply sit on a shelf. I like to say my work is ‘Art you can use,’” he said. “I incorporate features that make my pieces comfortable — does a mug fit comfortably in the user’s hand? Do the handles on a casserole dish allow the user to remove it from the oven without burning their fingers? I certainly want my work to look attractive, but I want it to feel attractive too.”

Meet Crouse, Reynolds and all the other artisans this Sunday at Locally Made Market, which itself was founded by Caryite Susan Silver, a visual arts teacher at Cary High School and a 2016 Cary Magazine Mover & Shaker.

The market runs from noon to 4 p.m., and the first 50 shoppers will receive a limited edition watercolor print of The Mayton Inn, created by Amy Richards Illustration. Also, each purchase you make at the market enters you for additional giveaways at the end of the day.

You can also indulge in brunch before or after your shopping at Verandah restaurant and Highball Bar, both located inside The Mayton Inn.

Follow Locally Made Market updates on Facebook, Instagram @locallymademarket, and the website, www.locallymademarket.com.

See you there!

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