Dear Ol’ Dad

Psst … this Sunday is Father’s Day.

You know, the guy who taught you how to ride a bike, drive a car, and catch a ball?

Stop and think about all Dad’s done before you head to the mall for that same-old shirt and tie, says international etiquette expert Sharon Schweitzer.

Instead, try one of these tips to honor dear ol’ Dad:

Plan a memory. Share his favorite pastime: Go on a hike, take a brewery tour, head to a concert, camping trip or lunch at his favorite restaurant.

Share the day. Host a cookout or celebration that allows you to include brothers, uncles, grandfathers, stepfathers and other special men in your life, for maximum time with your favorite people.

Remember father figures. If Father’s Day is difficult for you, use this time to show appreciation for the male mentors in your life.

Express gratitude. Communicate your gratitude, care and love for Dad, and avoid regrets later.

Gift-giving. Every dad’s different, so consider the three P’s for gifts:

Practical: Contribute toward a group gift, such as clothing, restaurant gift certificates or hobby accessories.

Personalized: Go the extra mile to highlight his name, family crest or favorite team. For example, an engraved watch, personalized beer growler, or sports team wine stoppers.

Perfect: Find the gift that represents your dad: Where does he want to go? What’s on his list to try? Maybe it’s a special concert, or fly-fishing, or to take up tennis.

The effort is worth it. After all, he’s Dad.

Information courtesy Sharon Schweitzer, founder of Protocol & Etiquette Worldwide. 

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