Cary Smile Makeover Now Under Way

It’s been the biggest year ever for the Cary Smile Makeover. The four deserving finalists drew tens of thousands of people to to read their stories and vote.

Heather Shields is the winner of this year’s smile transformation. She will work with Dr. Allan Acton at Cary Family Dental over the coming months to prep and polish her new smile — and, she hopes, get her confident, happy self back.

“Every single thing in my life would be better if I could just smile again,” Shields wrote in her contest entry. Her husband lost his job just before they found out she was expecting their third child. “During my pregnancy my teeth began to unravel,” she shared. Her resulting smile has left her feeling isolated and unsocial.

Dr. Acton hopes to reverse the damage and instill her with a self-confidence greater than ever so she can finish her college degree and find a new job.

Stay tuned for the September/October issue of Cary Magazine, which will include before and after photos, interviews with Shields and Dr. Acton and the full details of her smile transformation. Also check out for behind-the-scenes videos of the makeover.

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