Cary Business Company Profile: Deutsche Bank

DB Global Technology is a wholly owned subsidiary of Deutsche Bank AG and opened a new software development center in Cary in late 2009. DBGT’s parent, Deutsche Bank, was founded more than 140 years ago and is today one of the largest global universal banks, with significant businesses in both investment and commercial banking.

“By establishing ourselves in the RTP area, DBGT has gained access to exceptional technology professionals as well as local university graduates,” John Eagleson, head of DB Global Technology in Cary. “This is affording us the ability to promote technology innovation into our core strengths in universal banking. In total, we are creating more than 300 software engineering jobs over the next couple of years at the center.”

DBGT was established to bring the innovative power of a software company to the complex business needs of a global investment bank. By fostering an energetic work environment with local distinction, the company promotes collaborative work habits and flexible teams.

“Global investment banking has increasingly turned to information technology to gain competitive strength,” Eagleson said. “Our high-energy teams are bringing superior technical skills and out-of-the-box creativity to solving complex banking challenges.”

Deutsche Bank prioritizes diversity, social responsibility and sustainability throughout its operations, and this heritage infuses DBGT. Diversity is seen as an important competitive differentiator, and DBGT is leveraging this in its recruitment of exceptional talent.

“While the percentage of women in the computing profession overall has been declining in the past two decades, we’ve been very fortunate in successfully recruiting a number of very talented individuals into our technology teams at junior, mid-level and managerial levels," he said.

DBGT also embraces the heritage of corporate social responsibility at Deutsche Bank to Cary as an investment in society and in our own future.

“Social responsibility is weaved into our employee culture and how we operate in the community,” Eagleson said. “DBGT sees opportunities to contribute to the education of the next generation in applied technology, fostering the arts and taking part in volunteerism directly impacting the Raleigh-Durham area.”

Along with diversity and social responsibility, DBGT is further guided by the principles of sustainability with the aim of ensuring that future generations enjoy a healthy environment as well as stable economic and social conditions.

“Sustainability was an integral component of our business decisions and design process when building our center in Cary,” Eagleson added. “We incorporated eco-friendly design and technology throughout to reduce our use of natural resources and foster a healthy working environment for our staff.”


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