Best Yoga/Pilates Studio


Exalted warrior, low crescent, and baby hopper — the terms make perfect sense to yoga and Pilates lovers at StudioVIBE. With two Cary locations, Maggy voters head here for meaningful movement.

So what’s the goal of yoga and Pilates?

“It’s total health and wellness — spiritual, physical, mental, emotional,” owner Patty Geiger said. You arrive at the same place, but follow a different path to achieve it.”

Prerequisites: A mat, an open mind, and breathing

Ages: 2 and up. (Clients Jackie and Ethel are 88 and 87, respectively.)

Just for girls? No — men take part in every activity offered, Geiger says, and often see benefits faster.
Either/or: 60 percent of clients do both yoga and Pilates

Pilates: Focus on core, employs equipment. Begun by Joseph Pilates’ work with injured soldiers, then discovered by dancers

Yoga: Focus on breathing techniques, meditation. Originated in ancient India.


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