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 Town & Country Veterinary Hospital

A double repeat winner in the Maggy Awards, Town & Country Veterinary Hospital serves the four-legged friends of many readers for veterinary, grooming and boarding care. Doctors here note the new year is a good time to consider spaying and neutering pets, for their health. From Dr. Amanda Groulx:

Why: To promote good health for our patients, as well as to help control the pet population.

When: “We generally recommend spaying dogs around 6 months, neutering dogs between 6 and 12 months, and spaying/neutering cats around 6 months, but the needs of each pet should be determined by your pet’s veterinarian.”

Benefits: Prevent unwanted pregnancies; help prevent certain types of cancer; can help decrease some unwanted behaviors such as roaming and dominance. “However, it is not a substitute for training.”

False: Spaying or neutering will make your pet fat, lazy or change its personality.

Cost: $230 to $400, depending on the size and sex of the pet; large female dogs are most expensive.

Hospital stay: “Most of our patients stay in the hospital for one night. After surgery, pets require some exercise restriction and pain medication for a few days. Most pets recover quickly with very little to no complications.”

Taz primps, with a little help from groomer Ellen Roberts.

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