Best Home Maintenance Service

Carolina Restoration Services

Fire, smoke and water = big-time troubles. But readers trust Carolina Restoration services, winner of this new Maggy Awards category, to save the day. Here’s more from company VP Travis Bailey:

Toughest job to date: Tornadoes in Wake County, April 2011
“We were immediately inundated with hundreds of calls, and our team worked relentlessly throughout the nights. As individuals, and as a business, we grew stronger.”

Rescues: “We’re asked to recover family heirlooms, pictures and irreplaceable documents. Our customers are most satisfied when they’re presented with the personal items they thought to be lost that we are able to rescue.”

Fun fact: The CRS crew loves playing hero. “People would be surprised to learn how personally and professionally rewarding it is to be able to help homeowners and business owners recover from a disaster. It’s a wonderful feeling to be welcomed in to help in their recovery. It’s rewarding to see their gratitude when they’re able to see the completed restoration and return to their daily lives!”

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