Best Food Truck

The Humble Pig

Husband and wife team Ross and Jessica McCarthy are the masterminds behind The Humble Pig, voted Best Food Truck in the category’s inaugural year. After Ross lost his job in 2010, the couple decided to turn their backyard hobby into a professional gig, which includes lunch and dinner on the truck nearly five days a week and a growing catering business.

The Humble Pig is known for its upscale smoked barbecue, Southern-style sides and its deep commitment to sourcing locally and sustainably raised products. We caught up with the truck during lunch to get the inside scoop.

Left: Pulled Pork and Coleslaw
Center: Brisket Taco and Sweet Potato Fries

Right: Brisket Sandwich

Emily Uhland: What’s different about The Humble Pig’s ’cue?
Jessica: We don’t use hickory wood. We use apple, cherry and white oak which gives a light, pleasant smokiness. You don’t need a lot of sauce.

EU: What about the sides?
Jessica: On the truck we have sweet potato fries, slaw and baked beans. Catering lets us show what we can really do with healthier, lighter Southern sides and appetizers.

Photo Caption: Ross wakes up by 4:30 a.m. most days to check on brisket and pork that have been smoking overnight.

EU: Where’d the name come from?
Jessica: Our daughter Natalie helped us pick it. She was reading Charlotte’s Web at the time.

EU: What are your most popular items?
Jessica: I love the brisket tacos.
Ross: If it makes it on our menu, we really like it!
Jessica: The sweet potato fries are great too. Ross does a cinnamon, brown sugar and cardamom sprinkle.

EU: Brisket is unique around here. What’s the secret to a great one?
Ross: A simple rub and low and slow cooking. My secret is one temperature change during the cooking process, which lasts 14 to 17 hours in all. Brisket has to feel right. You can’t just go by the internal temperature.

EU: What’s next for The Humble Pig?
Jessica: We really want to focus on catering. And down the line maybe a brick-and-mortar location in Cary.

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