Best Dessert

Goodberry’s Creamery

Goodberry’s signature walk-up service and outdoor seating creates a friendly neighborhood atmosphere enjoyed at nine locations Triangle-wide. Add in creamy frozen custard and loyal customers for a combination that’s earned the eatery nine Maggy Award mentions in as many years.

“This year, my favorite concrete combination is coconut frozen custard with almonds and chocolate chips. Another great combination for the fall and winter is butter pecan frozen custard with waffle cone pieces and M&Ms.”
– Henry Brathwaite, Goodberry’s vice president

Popular Flavors of the Day:
Peanut Butter and Coconut

Most Popular Sundae:
Vanilla with hot fudge, wet walnuts, whipped cream and a cherry

Most Popular Concrete:
Vanilla with Oreo cookies

Award-Winning Recipe:
Fresh milk, cream, eggs, honey, pure cane sugar and only natural flavorings. No stabilizers or chemicals. 

Start to Finish:
Goodberry’s frozen custard is made with machines designed and built by the company. They couldn’t find a suitable product elsewhere, so they made one!

First Location:
Spring Forest and Atlantic Avenue in North Raleigh, opened 1988

Newest Location:
Cameron Village

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