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Michael Riccobene, Riccobene Associates Family Dentistry

Dr. Michael Riccobene is a perennial favorite of Cary Magazine readers, winning the Maggy Award year after year. With nine offices across Wake and Johnston counties, he’s definitely has sunk his teeth into his work. But … here are a few things you don’t know about the man behind the mask.   

Born: Brooklyn, N.Y., grew up in New Jersey.

Founded practice: In 2000, in Selma.

Off-hours fun: traveling, camping, reality TV, sporting events, spending time with family, including his five children

Favorite gum: Spicy cinnamon, sugar-free.

Why it’s OK: “Gum stimulates salivary flow, which is the natural detergent of your mouth. So if you want to decrease cavities, always chew sugar-free and let your saliva do the rest.”

Personal regimen: Brush twice a day, floss at night. “My dental school professors always said to tell my patients that they don’t have to floss all their teeth, just the ones they want to keep!”

Star patient: “I’ve never had a cavity in my life, never needed my wisdom teeth removed, and didn’t need braces.”

Inspirations: “Every day I get to change people’s smiles and make them feel better about themselves. I get to do procedures that get people out of pain and prevent future disease. I get to work with a staff that is passionate about what they do; and being a dentist gives me the opportunity to provide for my family and spend quality time with them. I feel this is what God put me on the earth to do.”

What’s new: A pediatric dental office, added in 2013. “We now see children as young as 6 months old, all the way to seniors in their 90s.”

Patient count: Not sure.

“But I can tell you they come from all over the world. I had a patient who was working in Nigeria and had a toothache. He literally flew home, had me do his root canal and flew back to Nigeria!”

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