“Bake Eat Love” Your Way Through the Holidays

Turkey Day is just around the corner, and for many of us, so is that long-dreaded trip to the grocery store. If you haven’t nailed down the perfect dessert menu, Kristen Baileys — the Raleigh-based founder of baking education company Bake Eat Love — is coming to the rescue right in time for the holidays!

Below, Baileys breaks down her favorite chocolate techniques with easy-to-follow steps so that all of us can wow our family and friends. Enjoy!

Dazzling Dipped Desserts:

Make your holiday dessert table shine with easy yet impressive chocolate-dipped treats. Choose your favorite base — strawberries, pretzels, or even mini peanut butter crackers — and dip them in melted chocolate. Almond bark, melting wafers, or candy melts work best. If a pop of color is your thing, be sure to pick up some festive sprinkles.

Melt and Dip:

Follow the melting instructions on the chocolate bag, then dip your treats. Place them on a sheet of parchment or wax paper to set. Add sprinkles before the chocolate hardens for extra flair.

Mesmerizing Drizzles:

Add a touch of magic to your desserts with a mesmerizing chocolate drizzle. Whether over the top of the entire pecan pie or before plating each slice of pumpkin pie — everything gets a divine drizzle.

Signature French classic Mille Feuille topping

Melt and Artfully Drizzle:

Melt your chocolate following the instructions on the bag. With a scoop of melted chocolate in a silverware spoon, move in either a zig zag or flowing motion to create beautiful chocolate drizzles over your chosen dessert or plate.

Dreamy Chocolate Bark:

Chocolate bark, despite its humble name, might be the most delightful of all three. It’s a blank canvas that gives your creativity free rein. Swirl white and dark chocolate for a charming marbling effect, add dried fruits or nuts, or include other goodies like M&Ms or Oreo cookies. If you’re already humming Jingle Bells, top yours off with crushed peppermint for that extra touch of holiday magic. 

Melt, Spread, and Sprinkle:

Crush or chop larger toppings. Melt your chocolate following the instructions on the bag. Spread melted chocolate thinly onto parchment or wax paper, and sprinkle your toppings before the chocolate sets.


As the holidays approach, there’s no better time to expand your chocolate horizons. If you’re a chocolate lover ready to take your chocolate game to the next level, you can also explore Bake Eat Love’s Chocolatier Series — a trio of dessert baking kits where you’ll learn to ace three different chocolate techniques. From the classic mille-feuille marble technique to crafting salted caramel chocolate ganache and creating elegant chocolate curls, this series is a chocolate lover’s dream come true. Perfect for gifting, too!

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