All-New You

So, how are you doing on those New Year’s resolutions? Yep, that’s what we thought.

But have no fear: From fitness to family, we’ve rounded up expert advice on how to really, truly commit to positive life change in 2014, and then stick with it. For example,

Craving crunch? Skip the chips and choose celery and hummus. So says yoga and Pilates trainer Patty Geiger of StudioVIBE.

Trying to boost family fun without breaking the bank? Amanda Dismukes of the Cary Family YMCA suggest setting up an obstacle course in the backyard, or heading to the park.

Hate housework? Chunk it down, recommends certified organizer coach Deborah Zechini, trade talk for dividing projects into manageable bites.

And involve the kids, adds Jamie Rohrbauck of Dust and Mop House Cleaning. Small projects help you and boost confidence in them.

Last but not least, life coach and author Deidre Hughey says when it comes to relationships, don’t expect others to read your mind. Communicate your thoughts and feelings, and everybody will be happier!

Find more great tips on keeping those resolutions right here – and good luck!

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