2013 Maggy Awards: Services

James Blount, Carolina Family Practice & Sports Medicine

A family doc, team physician and medical provider to the pros — Dr. James Blount says it’s all about relationships and patient care at Carolina Family Practice & Sports Medicine, where all 12 physicians are board certified in both.

CM: What’s your best health advice?
Blount: It’s all about exercise. Find some way to fit in exercise, for 30 to 40 minutes, six out of seven days. It gives you more wiggle room to eat that slice of pizza with the kids! Also, sleep deprivation is underappreciated as the cause of a lot of ills.

What’s your favorite day-off activity?
I’m a simple dude: Number one is time with my girls. My wife and I have two daughters, ages 6 and 7, and another due in February. There’s nothing I’d rather be doing than playing with them in the yard.

What sports do you play, and how do you prevent injury?
You name it, I play it! Basketball is my favorite, and I work out at the Y and run with my dog. We advise pre-habilitation, meaning prepare for your sport! If you run, wear the right shoes, and work on hamstring flexibility and quad power. If you lift weights, prepare the shoulder muscles.

What’s your best patient story?
A longtime patient came in with his fingertip literally dangling after an accident with a Skilsaw. Usually people would go to the ER, but he wanted his doctor. We treated him and referred him to later have the digit fused. He’s a guitar player and needs that second finger for the frets. Now he’s fixed and back to playing guitar again, and it’s rewarding that he trusted me.


Linda Ward, Ward & Campbell

She’s guilty — of being our readers’ favorite attorney again this year!

Check out what family law practitioner Linda Ward has to say about her job, family and being a straightshooter:

Best thing about being an attorney: It provides me with an avenue to truly help and a ect people’s lives.

A career highlight: Won a decision for a disabled client abandoned by her spouse. It was a fabulous award, where my client would have funds to pay her medical bills and her living expenses; she could survive. It was a great feeling.

On shooting straight: I often say that, ‘I’m going to be a straight shooter with you.’ I think people appreciate an attorney who will listen, ask questions, and then tell that person their best course of action, regardless if that isn’t one the client wants to hear about.

At home: My family means everything to me. My husband and I have the two most wonderful kids in the world. Carolena and Enzo keep us very busy, and going home to this family each night takes away all of the stresses of a family law practice. I feel exceptionally blessed and honored.

I love to cook, and my husband and I are big Formula One fans. I am also a member of the Cary MacGregor Rotary Club, which is the best Rotary Club around.


Twisted Scizzors Salon and Spa

When your hair looks good, you feel good all over. From basic cuts to trendy colors, the Twisted Scizzors pros are go-to for many of Cary’s best-coiffed. Here’s why:

SPECIALTIES: Classic, timeless styles to cutting-edge designs, root touch-ups, full-head highlights, color correction and aesthetic services.

FAMILY OWNED: Husband-wife team Amanda and LeRoy Kimball. She leads the team of stylists, and he’s all business.

HEART FOR COMMUNITY: Cut-a-thons to benefit cancer research; girls’ home beauty day; youth racing team sponsor.

GOOD ADVICE: Don’t trim your own bangs; don’t spend money on professional cut and color, then use the wrong products to maintain them. (Twisted Scizzors offers pre-service and fi nishing consultations on how to achieve the salon look at home.)


Atlantic Tire & Service

Trust is key when it comes to your car, and Atlantic Tire & Service earns it year after year from our readers. Here are tips from company President Anthony Blackman to keep you rolling!

To keep your car in shape:

  • Follow the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule for recommended services.
  • Have your vehicle’s fluids checked frequently.
  • Have your air pressure checked monthly to enhance gas mileage and the life of your tires.
  • Report unusual sounds, odors, fluid leaks or warning lights to your repair facility ASAP.
  • Remember: A little maintenance goes a long way in preventing major problems later.

What about winter?

  • Have all fluids inspected in your vehicle, particularly the antifreeze.
  • Inspect your car’s battery and report any starting issues to your service technician.
  • Inspect wiper blades.

Choosing a repair shop:
Do your homework before you need one: ask friends for recommendations, contact the Better Business Bureau, look for evidence of qualified technicians at the shop, such as ASE certifications and trade school diplomas and make certain the staff is willing to listen and answer your questions.

Warning lights not to neglect:
Any warning light should be brought to the attention of your repair facility.
TIRE PRESSURE MONITORING SYSTEM: Visit your repair facility ASAP to determine the source of your air loss. Underinflated tires waste fuel and decrease the life of the tire. Severely underinflated tires may lead to tire failure.

This warns of a problem with the electronic control system; it can mean anything from a loose gas cap to a seriously misfiring engine. It’s wise to have the vehicle checked as soon as possible. In late-model vehicles, a blinking MIL usually indicates an engine misfire and should be dealt with immediately.


Bland Landscaping

At Bland Landscaping, a team of 200 experts focused on sustainability set out each day to make the world a prettier, and better, place. So … for our own landscaping questions, what better brain to pick than that of company President Kurt Bland?

CM: What are your favorite residential landscaping plants, and why?
Bland: Acer palmatum (Japanese maple), and Osmanthus fragrans (fragrant Osmanthus).

Japanese maple because of its intricate detail, varied growth habits, delicate appearance, longevity and artistic character.

Few plants can give a garden as much long-lasting character. Fragrant Osmanthus is simply the most beautiful smell in the garden as it yields its inconspicuous flowers during the fall and winter.

Any tips for maintaining landscapes in winter?
In our zone 7-8 climate, fall and winter are the best time for planting woody ornamentals including trees and shrubbery. To renovate your garden, plant the woodies while they are in winter dormancy. This allows their roots to establish before the summer stress.

And take advantage of winter to do transplanting and hard rejuvenative pruning. Tasks that every gardener eventually has to face, they are both best performed while plants are in winter dormancy.

For beginners on a budget, which landscape aspects should first be addressed?
Always start with a plan! Doing a landscape project without a landscape plan is like taking a road trip without a navigational tool: rarely productive or effcient. Second, build the bones of the garden before you put on the finishing touches. Things like hardscapes, water features, irrigation systems, carpentry structures and large trees are all largely immobile. Building them first will save you time, and in the long run, money.


Ahhh, the spa.
The journey to tranquility may include soft music and a plush robe, but at The Umstead Spa that’s just the beginning.

“Spa services at The Umstead Spa are beneficial because they focus on achieving health and well-being,” said spa director Kim Parker. “We believe that having a spa experience is a lifestyle choice. We aim to take a holistic approach to wellness.”

Amid a woodland setting, the spa features a meditation courtyard, 18 organic treatments, therapeutic whirlpool tub, eucalyptus sauna and steam room.

Most requested treatment? The Umstead Body Ritual. Offering exfoliation, a body butter massage and scalp massage.

Most indulgent journey? The Red Flower Hammam Ritual.

It begins with an exfoliation of lemon coffee blossom scrub, followed by a warm white clay wrap, which cleanses and detoxifies the skin. Cardamom Amber Oil, Moroccan Mint and Orange Quince aromas abound, and a bath tops off this experience.


Lundie’s Photography

From graduates to weddings to babies, Lundie’s has had a part in all of life’s celebrations for the past 21 years, and its six-photographer team wouldn’t have it any other way.

Founded in 1991, the studio now has four N.C. locations and a 10-acre farm outside Cary that offers beautiful, rustic outdoor settings.

“We love to talk about how we are only called on for a celebration — what a great job!” said Lundie Bradley. “This list is endless, and we love the variety of events we get to shoot in any given week. We all love what we do.”

Bradley says a great photograph is a blend of personality, eye, lighting skills and knowing how the camera works in different situations. The rare photographer who has these qualities creates a stand-out portfolio.

“Being a good artist, with the right set of tools and the personality to make people feel good, is always a winning combination,” Bradley said.


Wake Plastic Surgery (Dr. William T. Stoeckel)

Myths abound about plastic surgery, so we played “true or false” with readers’ favorite Dr. William T. Stoeckel to get the facts:

T or F: Plastic surgery = long recovery.
FALSE. For nearly all of my surgical procedures, I use a deep sedation anesthesia instead of the traditional general anesthesia. Th is allows patients to recover more quickly from the operative experience. Most patients return to their homes within one hour after surgery.

T or F: Procedures = heavy scarring.
FALSE. The amount and significance of scarring is very procedure- and patient-dependent. Facial scars tend to heal well as a result of the robust blood supply to the face. Tummy tuck scars can be minimized with a technique

T or F: Plastic surgery = an unnatural look.
FALSE. Poorly planned plastic surgery can certainly result in an unnatural look, but there are many techniques that can be used to avoid that.

T or F: Plastic surgery is only for the wealthy.
FALSE. The vast majority of patients who undergo elective plastic surgery procedures are from middle-income families. A significant number of patients are in the age range of 25 to 35 and fi nd the procedures more affordable than some might think.


Town & Country Animal Care Center

Town & Country Veterinary Hospital

Town & Country Veterinary Hospital

Nature walk, playgrounds, private beach — now that’s living. Especially if you’re a dog.

Triple Maggy Award-winning Town & Country offers these and many more services at its Animal Care Center, like Kid & K-9 101, boarding packages with sofa-snuggling upgrades and pet grooming.

The adjacent full-service veterinary hospital handles everything from allergy testing and acupuncture to Xrays, surgery and emergency care.

Additional photos courtesy Bland Landscaping, The Umstead Spa and Lundie's Photography.

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