10th Anniversary Superlatives

Cary Magazine editors and longtime contributors took a trip down memory lane to bring you a survey of our best and most notable pieces. Have favorites of your own? Email us your Hall of Fame at editor@carymagazine.com.

Cary’s Most Wanted: 2011 Maggy Awards
January/February 2011

“Revealing the 2011 Best of Western Wake as “Cary’s Most Wanted” was just plain fun from concept to execution. It still stands out as one of our most creative and well-done sections."
– Emily Uhland, Editor

Cancer Will Never Happen to Me:
A wellness professional’s first-person journey with breast cancer, by Pam Schmid
September/October 2004

“People still tell Pam they saved this popular issue in the event they or someone they loved should ever be diagnosed, as a resource. It’s been many years, and though Pam is once again dealing with cancer in her life, she has helped the masses with her book, 101 Things You Should Know About Breast Cancer, and continues to advocate for dense breast screenings.”
– Danielle Stanfield Buenrostro, former Editor

The Inaugural Women of Western Wake:
Ann Goodnight, Sheila Ogle, Daphne Ashworth, Hilda Pinnix-Ragland, Pat Bazemore
September/October 2005

“We couldn’t have imagined, in 2005, how our recognition of the first five Women of Western Wake would launch an ongoing celebration of excellence! Each woman in that first class of honorees continues to positively impact our community, and sets the bar high for all of us.”
– Nancy Pardue, Editor

“Coordinating all of their schedules was a huge challenge, but we made it happen, and it kick-started a cornerstone feature and gave way to one of our most successful events.”
– Danielle Stanfield Buenrostro, former Editor

The Gardens of Giverny by L.A. Jackson
January/February 2008

“Claude Monet used his gardens as living canvases to extend his ideas on impressionism — and they certainly made an impression on me! Whirls of different colored blooms mixed together, plants playfully flopping onto paths, skillfully overgrown beds — if Monet meant to say gardening is fun, I got the idea!”
– L.A. Jackson, Contributor

Meg’s Smile Foundation: Charity Spotlight
August 2013

“The first and only interview that made me cry. But getting to know Jim and Terri Wasley, who are so warm and inspiring — having turned their loss into an organization to help others — was well worth it.”
– Emily Uhland, Editor

The Maggy Awards: Best of Western Wake

“The very nature of the Maggy Awards cements them as most debated. Readers have strong loyalties to the places and people they love, and opinions tend to run high when they lose. I like to think that the debates might lead people to discover some new favorites, though.”
– Tara Croft Mills, former Editor

“Ah, the Maggys … the rules have evolved over the years in favor of local businesses, and sometimes following terse in-house debate on the distinctions between chain store, locally owned, and locally owned franchise. Readers, meanwhile, often find it hard to believe that these are true readers’ choice awards, in which nominees and winners are determined solely through their votes. But it’s all worth it when I get to break the news to a first-time winner!”
– Nancy Pardue, Editor

Vintage Revival
February 2013

“We drew inspiration from Boardwalk Empire, Downton Abbey and The Great Gatsby for this fashion showcase. Downtown Cary’s own Vintage Vogue provided all the period-perfect jewelry and accessories. It’s always so exciting to watch an idea become a reality.”
– Emily Uhland, Editor

Reader Gretta Handley
Cover Model February 2012

“Leave it to my friend and colleague Jonathan Fredin, Cary Magazine’s chief photographer, to capture the stunning beauty of his subject. I understand wedding dress sales in the Triangle area spiked after this issue was released!”
– David McCreary, Contributor

“Technically, it is a very nice shot because photographer Jonathan Fredin artistically off-centered the bright portion of the background and prevented the darker areas from turning into black holes, while, at the same time, nailed the proper exposure on the Martina Liana dress. Non-technically, Gretta Handley is a gorgeous model and would have made the cover stand out even if Fredin had used an Etch-a-Sketch!”
– L.A. Jackson, Contributor

Pat Mitchell and Dr. Allan Acton
Flash Those Pearly Whites: Cary Smile Makeover 2009
September/October 2009

“Our first Cary Magazine Smile Makeover with Pat Mitchell and Dr. Allan Acton stands out as the best smile not only because of Dr. Acton’s charming grin and the heartwarming transformation he accomplished with Pat Mitchell, but her confident smile was the beginning of an era of Smile Makeovers that changed lives, and all those memories bring a smile to my face too.”
– Tara Croft Mills, former Editor

Pet Photo Contest
July/August 2011

“I loved the response we received from this contest and each of the 100-plus photos of treasured local pets. I’m a dog person through and through, yet contest-winner Ollie, a 6-week-old kitten, stole my heart instantly.”
– Emily Uhland, Editor

Little Hen: Restaurant Profile
March/April 2012

“The photos from Little Hen are a feast for the eyes in every way. Looking at the table spread makes me feel like I’m about to sit down at a family table for a grand celebration. A closer look at each dish individually makes me want to hop in the car and go to Little Hen right now. This profile showed food that’s a perfect blend of delicious and gorgeous.”
– Tara Croft Mills, former Editor

“Little Hen Executive Chef Regan Stachler pulled out all the stops and delivered a veritable feast during this photo shoot. At the end, I remember sitting down with the restaurant staff members and relishing the various farm-fresh delicacies. Let’s just say there was no need for dinner that night!”
– David McCreary, Contributor

Daljinder Bhangoo and Farihah Ahmed
America’s Next Top Scientists: Amazing Youths
July/August 2009

“Daljinder and Farihah thoroughly wowed me with their mind-reading invention. I’m impressed by the creativity of scientists when I hear of any medical breakthroughs, but finding out these girls were able to translate MRI blood frequencies to images of a person’s thoughts, at ages 15 and 17, tells me they’re going places.”
– Tara Croft Mills, former Editor

The Area’s 5 Best Chocolate Desserts
May/June 2006

“Chocolate Soufflé, Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie, Bourbon Chocolate Bread Pudding, Yin & Yang Fondue, Chocolate Custard Pie and Warm Chocolate Lava cake, no further explanation necessary.”
 – Emily Uhland, Editor

“I’ve always been a sucker for chocolate, so this was among the most decadently delicious assignments ever experienced. The highlight for me was the chocolate soufflé from The Fearrington House. As I wrote in the feature, it was a ‘creation that dances on the taste buds and is worth every mega-caloric bite.’”  
– David McCreary, Contributor

We couldn't settle on just one! Top left to bottom right: Emily’s Pick: March/April 2014, Nancy’s Pick: Nov/dec 2012, Danielle’s Pick: Sept/Oct 2009, Kris’ Pick: March/April 2012, Tara’s Pick: Nov/Dec 2009

Women of Western Wake Luncheon

“October 14, 2011 — the fourth Women of Western Wake Luncheon — I wasn’t there, but I will never forget missing it, since my daughter was born that day.”
– Kris Schultz, Associate Publisher

“Two hundred-plus women, an elegant meal in a spectacular ballroom, and a panel of notable women leading discussion on the issues of gender, family, work, and community — it doesn’t get any better than this! Best of all is overhearing the conversations of women, renewed and inspired, at luncheon’s end.”
– Nancy Pardue, Editor

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