May We Love! For Mother’s Day or dog days

1. Keep Your Cool
You don’t have to shorten your long walks as summer warms up. Just pour water onto this Swamp Cooler dog vest from Ruffwear, and the three-layer design will cool down your pooch; $59.95.

2. Tufts of Fluff
This fleece snuffle-mat by Boo Bear Basics is perfect for your furry friends! Hide treats inside for your pets to sniff out and enjoy; $39.99.

3. Farm Fresh Food
Open Farm’s grass-fed dog food is grain-free, locally sourced and contains non-GMO veggies and legumes. Once the bag of pasture-raised lamb is empty, bring it back to Phydeaux so it can be recycled and repurposed; $24.99.

4. Grace’s Goodies
Good Grace’s offers homemade, human-grade dog treats in a variety of flavors like Blue Suede Chews and P, B & YAY! Several varieties are entirely wheat-free, peanut-free and vegetarian to suit you and your pet’s lifestyle; $15.

5 & 6. (Tote)ally Chic
Look stylish and chic with these Henri Matisse-inspired purses by Ann Howell Bullard. Each handmade bag is one-of-a-kind and signed by Bullard herself; circle, $395; clutch, $250.

7. Lady in Red
From Ann Howell Bullard’s new Statement Square Collection, this purse is inspired by Henri Matisse and Mick Jagger; $395.

Where to Shop

6464 Tryon Road, Cary
(919) 977-7103

Good Grace’s Dog Treats
Online only
(919) 816-7885

Ann Howell Bullard
Online only

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