Peter Lamb and the Wolves Swing a Little Something for Everyone in Live Album at Bond Brothers Eastside

Contributed by Cary Magazine Contributor

The first live album recorded at Bond Brothers Eastside, featuring Peter Lamb and the Wolves, showcases an eclectic mix of tunes that has a little something for everyone. Recorded on June 26, 2021, the album features Peter Lamb on saxophone, Paul Rogers on trumpet, Mark Wells on piano and vocals, Stephen Coffman on drums, and Peter Kimosh on bass.

The first song is Cole Porter’s “I Love Paris.” Leaving space for Wells’ vocals, the band comes in grooving hard with a New Orleans vibe. The solos are interactive and full of energy — you can tell how much they enjoy playing together.

Next up is “Lady Red,” a sultry and classic tune that starts out with a groovy bass intro, followed by piano and drums. The band takes us on a relaxing, toe-tapping journey.

“Some of These Days” is an old number written by Shelton Brooks in 1910. True to the song’s roots, the band delivers a raspy, bluesy sound that is reminiscent of the times.

Next is a rendition of “Hey Pocky A-Way” by The Meters. Listeners will enjoy a taste of Wells’ soulful singing and piano playing in a New Orleans style. Wells takes the driver’s seat on this one. His piano solo is steeped in the blues and takes some adventurous turns that you might not expect.

Continuing with another vocal feature, the guys do an arrangement of the Randy Newman song, “Sail Away.” It starts out a little sparse, with Wells’ soulful singing accompanied by the trumpet and saxophone. When Coffman comes in with the drums, the band settles into a rhythm and they play the song beautifully. Lamb and Rogers tastefully back up Wells’ bluesy piano solo.

If you like “Calypso,” you’ll dig “From Centerville With Love.” Coffman comes out of the gate grooving hard on drums and the rest of the band follows suit. This one will have your head bobbing and your toes tapping. After Lamb and Wells’ energetic solos, Rogers’ trumpet solo creates a whole new dynamic. The danceable drum solo shows off Coffman’s ability to create melodies on the drum set without ever losing the feel of the song.

“I Found a New Baby” is a traditional jazz classic that the band does a nice rendition of. Coffman starts out playing tambourine and bass drum, giving the song an old-school feel. Lamb’s saxophone solo brings the energy to a whole new level.

“Satie Piece” takes us to another place altogether. Kimosh and Wells start this one off with a cool intro, followed by a melody that is reminiscent of a movie soundtrack. Rogers’ trumpet solo is airy and melodic. The chords that Wells plays on this one feel more open and modern. At the end of each solo the band brings down the volume, making space for the next one to begin. Kimosh finishes on bass.

The last song is the traditional “Where Did You Sleep Last Night,” starting with a piano intro. Wells comes in with familiar lyrics of the traditional folk song, made popular by Nirvana. The horns give this one a soulful and bluesy treatment, and the band really takes it home — a great closer for their set and this album.

There is something for everyone and these musicians do a fantastic job bringing their musical gifts to life. Here’s to the next Bond Brother’s Eastside release!

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