The Carying Place



Teach homeless, working families with children life skills for independent living while providing short-term housing and support. The Carying Place helps families who are homeless, “doubled-up” or otherwise inadequately housed, or are in jeopardy of losing their current housing; who are without the needed financial resources to be able to acquire or maintain adequate housing; who are motivated to improve their situation and are willing to work hard at budgeting, time management and setting and attaining goals; and who recognize that changes are needed and want help in identifying and enacting those changes.


(919) 462-1800
Leslie Covington, Executive Director

Volunteer Opportunities:

Marketing and Social Network Volunteers: We are in need of trusted, active volunteers to help us regularly and effectively update all of our social networks and our web page. 

Office Volunteers: Needed on weekdays for general office tasks like data entry, answering phones and filing.

Support Partners: Meet weekly with assigned families to help them plan steps toward sustainable, permanent housing.

Caring Sponsors: Serve as friends to their assigned families and make informal contact each week.

Child Care Providers: Care for children of both the families and volunteers during the weekly sessions on Thursday evenings. A pool concept is used for child care, with schedules established several weeks in advance.

Selection Committee Member: Interview and perform background checks on applicants.

Moving Team Members: Help move our families in and out of our rental units and pick up donated furniture and household items.

Jacks-Of-All-Trades: We always need folks to fix a leaky pipe, pick up a donation, fix a toilet, do minor repairs.


Furniture and household items are greatly appreciated; call (919) 462-1800 to arrange drop-offs.