STEM 4 Youth


About: STEM 4 Youth was created to help fight education inequality across North Carolina starting with elementary schools. In North Carolina, the per-student spending is ranked 39th lowest in the nation, while the average starting salary for teachers is ranked 43rd lowest among all states. To help combat this issue, we take high schoolers who want to give back and connect them to elementary schools that need and deserve a high-quality education, specifically in STEM. Our most recent project was our after-school program at Salem Elementary School, where we come in regularly to teach fundamental STEM concepts in an engaging manner.

Contact: Email: Instagram: rtpstem4youth

Volunteer Opportunities: Become a volunteer or chapter initiator! Create a chapter at your high school by following the instructions on our website and give back to your community.

Donate: We hold fundraisers for school supplies and plan to hold one soon. Stay tuned for when one of these will be occurring through our Instagram or website.