Kidz Code NC


About: Kidz Code NC is a nonprofit group that's committed to closing the digital gap by offering free Python and Java programming training to kids throughout the summer. Our summer program focuses on educating kids between the ages of 8 and 15 on Python and Java, two of the most popular programming languages. We believe that giving kids practical coding experience and encouraging a love of technology will enable them to become creators, problem solvers, and innovators. Encouraging young students to learn computer programming. Our experienced programmers are dedicated to mentoring younger students and providing guidance and support as they learn to code.


Volunteer Opportunities: Volunteers can teach young students about Python or Java through online summer sessions. Teacher signup:

Donate: All donations are donated to Kramden Institute! Your assistance is essential in ensuring that every student and member of the community has the technological skills and tools they require to succeed in the modern world. Every contribution helps us narrow the digital gap a little bit more. Donation link: