About: DOC NC, Dedicated to our Community of North Carolina, is a nonprofit organization consisting of students and parents working towards the betterment of themselves, their community, and the world beyond. Our mission is Young leaders serving in our community and beyond. DOC NC is a community of students who want to, little by little, make a difference in people’s lives. We work towards our vision, a network of inspired individuals around the world making a difference, by holding various volunteering events. We plan shows, complete with dancing, singing, and magic tricks, for the police department and retirement homes to show our appreciation. Outside of that, we hold fundraisers such as car washes, volunteer at local events, collaborate with local businesses, and much more. Each event has its own merits and teaches members new skills to carry with them throughout their lives. For example, they allow students to teach themselves leadership skills and how to help people around them. The numerous events also give our members the chance to be creative to bring about change and effects they wish to see. Lastly, there are the amazing bonds formed; kids of all ages work together as a unified team, collectively helping make our society a better place.


Volunteer Opportunities: We ask students of all ages to join DOC NC to gain valuable leadership opportunities and fundraise to make the community a better place. To join us, visit our website!

Donate: You can donate to our beneficiary of the year at To learn more about who we are fundraising for, visit!